IMAGE of the BOOK Of GIANTS. A small piece of the Book Of Giants and the Dead Sea Scrolls There is limited knowledge regarding the authorship of the book of Giants, as the Manicheans were initially the only ones known to have used it and thus it is linked to them. However, the narrative has noticeable ties to 1 Enoch, and specifically expands on the content found in 1 Enoch 6-16. It is associated with the “Book of Watchers”, In at least one of the manuscripts these traditions were part of a larger corpus of Enochic writings. There is uncertainty regarding the full content, date, and origin of this set of narratives. There is also much of the narrative that would highlight significant themes within the Near Eastern culture. As the Manicheans mainly developed in the Near East, the ideals they espoused also became significant for this text.

There were a few fragments from this narrative discovered at Qumran among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nine manuscripts of the Book of Giants are identified by Stuckenbruck. These were found in caves 1,2,4, and 6 at the site. These discoveries led to further classification of the Enochic works. In the third group of classification, nine Aramaic manuscripts contain parts of the Book of Giants which were only known through the Manichean sources until the recognition of it at Qumran.

There has been much speculation regarding the original language of the Book of Giants. The Book of Giants was generally believed to have had a Semitic origin. Indeed, the discovery of this text in Qumran, has led scholars to believe that the book was initially composed in Aramaic.

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