The Law of Eternal Life on Earth is known only in the Wiccan House in the Church of "Eternal Life".

The Wiccan House belongs to me Wiccan Queen of the mistress of this Wiccan House

      The power of this apple whose core is poisoned — one bite too deep and all is lost.

I have access to the World of the Dead on Earth. From Earth, access to the World of the Dead has no one else but me!

I came to Earth from the Universe of the Wiccan Queen because I am the Queen of the Universe

About Eternal Life to speak is available in the Church of Eternal Life where I use the Tarot cards to bring to you information inaccessible to the Earth from the Dead!

  My teaching is the Supreme Justice as the High Priestess, belonging to Eternal Life in the House of Paradise from the Universe on Earth!

  I will be declared for the Living and for the dead by the Queen of the Universe!
Where in the House of Eternal Life I am the Empress from where I have unlimited access to all the forces on Earth and in the Universe. Which were not and will never be accessible to mankind!

   I am the Queen of the Cards since I have the Magical Power which is not available for people to get in touch with the Dead in the cards,

The beginning is near. QUEEN OF THE CARDS! "Great Ball at Satan's" is done, THE REBORN LIFE AFTER THE DEATH, I'm QUEEN OF THE CARDS and Margarita "The Master and Margarita". My messenger writer is Mikhaíl Afanasyevich Bulgakov was born in Kiev Ukraine 15 May [O.S. 3 May] 1891, died in Moscow Russia 10 March 1940.


  I'm Svetlana Kozianenko Ukranian-Canadian writer, become one of the founders of the CHURCH "ETERNAL LIFE"

My published manuscripts will be named MARGARITA, as my Pen Name in my Collectible and Antiquarian books.


  All reports about the development of the Church "ETERNAL LIFE" will be announced on this



The future of the UNIVERSE and humanity you can learn in the editions from the CHURCH "ETERNAL LIFE" the best publisher.






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