The Universe is your home!

The human soul came from the Universe, where the soul is immortal!  
I will help in any issues on the World standard to solve state problems between countries in the World, as well as individually to everyone who will turn to me personally! For me, the impossible is not, I will answer each individually, the payment terms are also individual!


This is my soul, which belongs only to me and no one else!5:00

This is the power of the Universe!
I was a myth!

In the future, in my house of the Universe, I was called Fairy!E I

  The Moon was my only home in the Universe!

Saturday, March 19 at 11:00

I lived on the Moon!

All the dark forces obeyed and will obey only me, to obey someone else, the dark forces have no legal right! I am their only lady!

A black hole is the home of Black Magic!
This is evidence of the reality of the creation of mankind!

The existence of God is loyal!

Earth will belong to humanity in eternity!age Preparation Course

Saturday, April 2 at 19:00

The Earth belongs to humanity!

The future of the UNIVERSE and humanity you can learn in the editions from the CHURCH "ETERNAL LIFE" the best publisher.






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